Do you want to EMBRACE who you are and where you are in your life?

Do you want to CREATE exactly what you want your life to be like?

Do you want to IGNITE your power that you never knew you had?

What do you believe to be “true” about you and your life?

Do you feel “stuck” in your life?
Do you feel passionate about your work and your relationships?
Do you live in fear, and always go to the worst case scenario?
Do you feel uneasy about what the future holds?
Do you believe life is passing you by, or are you just getting started creating the life you want?

In my signature programs EMBRACE, CREATE and IGNITE, we’re going to turn things upside down when it comes to what you believe about you and your life. You will learn tools that you can use every day to empower you to live your life in an entirely different way. We will have a call on a weekly or biweekly basis to work on changing your thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. There will be exercises to work on to help you become aware of your thought patterns. You can always reach out to me by email if you need support in between sessions.


EMBRACE (1 hour session – $125)

Not quite ready to dive into a 6-week program? I offer a one-hour Jump Start intensive session that is designed to dig into the key issues that have you “stuck” in your life. You may also be confronting a particular time-sensitive issue that needs immediate attention; if so, the EMBRACE session is for you. Either way, this session will motivate you, and give you a taste of what coaching with me is all about.


CREATE (6 sessions – $720)

We will examine where you are in your life, and what thoughts and beliefs may be holding you back from making the changes you want to make. We will begin working together on finding your voice, learning to listen to it, and speaking your truth. I’ll help you identify your self-limiting beliefs and open up a world of new choices for a happier and more satisfying life. I will teach you effective coaching tools that will help you get in touch with your goals and dreams, and you will begin taking small steps to turn those dreams into your reality.


IGNITE (12 sessions – $1380)

In this program, we will focus on turning your plans into actions. With the clarity of knowing what you want, we will begin to implement plans and design further action steps to help you keep up the momentum, and work towards your goals. Don’t listen to what others think you should want or be doing. You make the rules. We’ll tap into the power of your imagination and design a plan to achieve your dreams and desires.


After working with me, you will:

Own and embrace wherever you are in your life.

Tap into your inner strength and resilience when confronting issues and struggles that arise.

Realize that you are the only person who can give yourself “permission” to live the life that you want, and feel deeply connected to your true self.

Know it’s not about breaking the rules but making new ones.

Feel empowered to realize your dreams—whether that’s starting a company, finding deeper meaning in your relationships or traveling the world.

Have a new outlook and a new game plan for making any stage of your life the best one!

Work with me and I’ll show you how to…EMBRACE, CREATE and IGNITE YOUR LIFE!